Chrismons Ministry

Frances Kipps Spencer

CHRISMONS™ ornaments were originated and first made for use on the Christmas tree of Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia, in 1957 by Mrs. Frances Kipps Spencer, a church member. The designs are monograms of and symbols for our Lord Jesus Christ. Because these designs have been used by his followers since biblical times, they are the heritage of all Christians and serve to remind each of us regardless of denomination of the One we follow. All Chrismons™ ornaments are made in a combination of white and gold to symbolize the purity and majesty of the Son of God and the Son of Man.

The Chrismons™ Tree tradition has continued at Ascension Lutheran Church for over fifty years. Mrs. Spencer stated a tree was never finished until someone came to see it and have the story of Christ explained to them through the ornaments. Today the original ornaments are joined by gifts from around the globe. The tree is available for viewing from Mid-December through Christmas Eve with live interpreters on site to explain the tree. Groups are welcome to schedule a day-time visit by contacting the Chrismons™ Secretary.

The original patterns and books designed by Mrs. Spencer are also available for purchase along with Cross-stitch Patters, Samuel Sparrow and the Tree of Light Children’s Book, The Chrismons™ Explanation book, PowerPoint Instructions on CD, and a DVD of the tree explanation.

Our online store is currently offline.  Please download the order form with the link below.


2 thoughts on “Chrismons Ministry

  1. A member of our Church, Hope Lutheran in San Mateo, California introduced us to Chrismons several yeas ago. I now make a few each year and dedicate a small tree at home only with white lights and Chrismons. I have also made a few Chrismons for others. This year I hope to add a small picture frame under the tree with my beloved son’s photo — he died on July 14th. My household consists of my son-in-law and my Grandson so we have the usual Christmas tree and decorations but the Chrismons \tree is special The website mentions an Instruction Booklet but does not give any information or price. Please let me know. I have instructions for some Chirstmons but made of pearls and gold wire but I would like to see instructions on ones I saw made from white foam craft. Thank you.

    Gerrie Rockafellar
    3886 Lorena Avenue
    Castro Valley, California 94546
    home: 510 886 8971
    Cell: 510 303 7962

    • Thank you for your interest in the Chrismons Ornaments. The original books written by Mrs. Spencer are still available from our church. The large pattern books are each $9.00. I will add their images soon. These include the Basic Book with both bead and Styrofoam instructions. The Advanced book includes designs for Angels. Chrismons for Everyday includes several ways to use Chrismons in the home and Wedding Toppers. The Christian Year Series is a design for the liturgical Christian Year that is used as the centerpiece for the tree.

      An online order form is available at We are still in the process of updating the sight as a blog based web page.

      Heather Vipperman
      Chrismons Secretary

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